Associate Professor

Dr. Mehmet Arik is the pioneer of ART Group. He has obtained his BSc degree in mechanical engineering from İstanbul Technical University, İstanbul. He completed MSc degree at the University of Miami, Miami, in 1996. His master thesis was on the Single Phase Forced Convection Turbulent Flow in Rectangular Channels. His PhD degree was awarded at the University of Minnesota, focusing on the thermal management of high flux electronic components and Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), in 2001.Since 2000, he has worked at the General Electric Global Research Center in Niskayuna, NY, on the thermal management of electronics as a senior research scientist and project leader. He has performed research in air-cooled and liquid cooled power electronics, photonics packages, microfluidic systems, defense systems, energy technologies and medical systems.

Dr. Arık’s current research intrests include electronics cooling, microfluidics devices, energy, medical, defense systems, and Six Sigma.He is a member of ASME and IEEE. He is an ASME fellow. He holds over thirty five US patents and many more are pending. He published over 80 papers in international journals and conferences in the fields of electronics cooling, energy systems, and MEMS.

Dr. Arık serves as associate editor for both IEEE Components and Packaging Techonlogies and ASME Thermal Scıences and Engıneerıng Applıcatıons journals.

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Ph. D. Students

He completed his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sistan and Baluchestan ,Iran in 2011. His research focused on concentrated Turbulent mixed convection of Nanofluids. He is currently pursuing a Ph. D. in Mechanical Engineering at Özyeğin University with research interests in microfluidics and impinging Jets for advanced cooling of electronics. Omidreza is supported by advanced research grant of Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK).

Thamer Khalif Salem AL bayati.

Thamer completed B.Sc. and MSc degrees in Mechanical Engineering with minor field is a refrigeration and Air-conditioning in the Technology University in Baghdad . He joined ARTgroup for pursuing PhD degree in October 2014. He enjoys playing greenland and basketball, and watching historical movies.


M. SC. Students

Burcu Suzan Gönülalan received bachelor of physics engineering from Hacettepe University. She is currently pursuing a M.S in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Ozyegin University with research interests in “Design and Optimization of Remote Phosphor for General Lighting”. Burcu is also working as a research engineer at LED Lighting Laboratory, VESTEL Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

Muhammad Ikhlaq completed his B.E. in Mechanical Engineering from the NED Unıversity of Engineering Karachi, Pakistan. His research focused on Energy Management and Conservation of Atlas engineeering pakistan. He is currently pursuing his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering at Özyeğin University with research interests in microfluidics and impinging Jets for advanced cooling of electronics (Synthetic Jet).Muhammad Ikhlaq is supported by advanced research grant of Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK).

MSc Student in Mechanical Engineering (present) BSc in Mechanical Engineering ‐ Sep. 2007‐ January 2013, School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran Secondary and High and Pre-University School ‐ Sep. 2000‐ 2007, Tabriz National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents School, Tabriz, Iran Ranked 1st among East Azerbayjan province participants in Azad University Entrance Exam (2006) Ranked 198th among 400 000 participants in Mathematics and Physics University Entrance Exam (2006)

Ranked 24th among 400 000 participants in Languages University Entrance Exam (2006) Bronze Medal of 19th National Physics Olympiad, 2007, Iran.

Semifinalist of the Iran’s National Astronomy Olympiad for two years. (2004, 2005)

Placed 4th as the team “Buzz” in the outdoor competition, International Micro Aerial Vehicle Competition, Braunschweig, Germany, July 2010 Won the first prize for presenting “Chaos and Instability of the Solar System” treatise in national Physics student conference, 2005, Tabriz, Iran Head author of the book “Electrostatics for Physics Olympiad Competitive”; published by Khoshkhan publication, 2010 in Iran.

Appendix on the subject of “fractals” and edition of translation of the book “Introducing Chaos”; written by Iwona Abrams, 1994; published by Science House publication, 2008. Paper “Acoustical Analysis of the Vibrations of the Iranian Musical Instrument, Taar, Using Computer Simulation” under review Worked as Research engineer, AGFA Co., Aug. ‐Dec. 2009: Extracting the Energy Label for several Industrial Heaters, Establishment of End Line Energy and Safety Standards for home and industrial appliances e.g. bicycles, wallpapers, ball-bearing, rice, etc.

Worked as intern in AGFA research company, Establishment of Industrial Heater End Line Standard National Tests, written a detailed proposal purposed for Gas National Co., studying the customer gas energy needs, June-August 2010, under supervision of dr Mehdi Ashjaee Accomplished SolidWorks and AutoCAD project of a water infiltration plant design for a gas-derivation unit in NOKHBE Co., June-August 2009, under supervision of dr Elhami Amiri.

Kıvanç Karslı completed his BSc in Physics Engineering at Istanbul Technical University, İstanbul, in 2005. He is pursuing his MSc in EE Engineering at Özyeğin University and his studies are consantrated on “Opto-thermal Characterization of Next Generation LED TVs”. Kıvanç is also working as R&D Optical Design Group Leader in Vestel Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticret A.Ş. He has more than 6 years experience in LCD TV’s optical designs and he holds 3 patents in this field and some more are pending. Kıvanç is running a SANTEZ project led by Dr. Mehmet Arık. He is also leading six TEYDEB projects in Vestel.

Halil İbrahim Kahvecioğlu graduated from Physics Department of Boğaziçi University. He is pursuing a master degree in Mechanical Engineering at Özyeğin University. His reseach is about heat generation in phosphor converted light emitting diodes.


Shadi Habibi Parsa has received her Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering from University of Tehran, Iran. Her main focus is mostly around design problems and finding the best solution by combining engineering with other related disciplines in order to find the novel answers to ordinary questions. Currently she is pursuing her M.S in Mechanical Engineering at Ozyegin University while working on air cooling methods project.

Gonca Kocabatmaz was graduated from her B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering department from Celal Bayar University in second place. She is pursuing a M.S in Mechanical Engineering at Ozyegin University with research interests in “Optimization the Gasket Design for Refrigerator”. Gonca also works as a mechanical design engineer in R&D department in Vestel. She carries on new refrigerator projects.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 18.38.18Mustafa Çağlar Özaydın received bachelor of science degree in Physics from Bilkent University. He is pursuing a master degree in Mechanical Engineering at Özyeğin University. He also works as a research engineer in R&D department in VESTEL Electronics.

Hafiz M. Hashim received bachelor of Mechanical engineering from NED University of Engineering and technology, Pakistan. His research interest are the Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficient Technologies. He is currently pursuing a M.Sc in Mechanical Engineering at Ozyegin University with research interests in “Design and Optimization of Energy Efficient Fans”. He also worked as a Design Engineer on a Renewable Energy project of Wind Turbines in Pakistan.



Undergraduate Students

Şevket Umut Yürüker graduated from Kartal Anatolian Highschool and began his undergraduate education at Ozyegin University, he is studying B.Sc Mechanical Engineering and his studies are concentrated on Energy. He is an undergraduate Lab Assistant in Fluid Mechanics Course. He is currently working on CFD analysis and Data Acquisition for Energy efficient systems.
Berk Karayalım graduated from TEV Inanc Turkes High School and began his undergraduate education at Ozyegin University; he is studying B.Sc Mechanical Engineering. He is an undergraduate Lab Assistant in Fluid Mechanics Course. He is currently studying Energy and helping on laboratory studies.
Ibrahim Tafida Abbas graduated from Nigerian Turkish International High School, Abuja Nigeria. He is currently pursuing a B.Sc Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Özyeğin University.


Engineers and Support Staff

Merve Aksu was graduated from Bilkent University, political science department, May 2010. She is currently receiving Master degree program at Galatasaray University on political science. Her research topic is related with human rights and forced migration in Turkey. She had participated an environmental project which was held by Regional Environmental Center in 2012. Exhibition, related with the environmental project, was placed at Santral Istanbul originally attempted by American Natural History Museum, paying attention to the sustainable energy resources and threat of climate change. Previously she worked on web marketing, journalism, ISO Standards and certification process, and exportation sector. She is also deputy director of the academy at Young Peace Initiative Association. From now on; she is working at EVATEG project as a project assistant and Public Relation specialist that tries to focus on energy efficiency by wide spreading LED products in daily lives.

Gokce graduated from Physics Department of Izmir Institute Of Technology with also a minor degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering in 2009. She then studied on microfluidic and LOC systems as a member of BioMEMS research group in METU-MEMS Research and Application Center until 2011. She completed her M.S. thesis titled “Molecular Dynamics Investigation Of Moire Patterns In Double – Layer Graphene” under the supervision of Assist. Prof. Dr. Hande Toffoli, METU Physics Department in 2012. Currently, she is working in the ISKA EVATEG Project on the design of the A19 LED bulbs.

Emre Toprakcı was graduated from İstanbul Erkek Lisesi and his B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from Isık University. He is working at Ozyegin University as Project Coordinator for EVATEG project, funded by Istanbul Development Agency. He took part at Sile Municipality Project Department as project expert. He prepared development and vocational education projects for disadvantaged groups such as rural women, disabled people and low-educated population to employ and encourage them in social and economic life. He made several studies and presentations to answer the question how local authorities could have more efficient role for VET. He participated in studies and researches at international platforms to provide social economic development and EU vocational education standarts in Turkey. EU Projects: Improvement of Construction Quality and Vocational Qualifications of Construction Workers by Innovative Techniques Through ECVET.

Development Projects Involved in SM: Women Community Center, Vocational Training and Rehabilitation Center, Development of Eco-friendly Sectors, İstanbul’s Alternative Tourism Destination, Şile Ecosystem Management Academy, Advanced Technology Production Modeling and Training Center, Şile Youth Boat.

Art Group Alumni


Gökhan successfully completed his MSc degree in ME in August 2014. He is currently a research engineer at Bosch-Siemens Corporation.







IT & Software Support Engineer

Ömer Emre ASLAN 

Ömer graduated from Ali Rıza Özderici Anatolian Highschool and began his undergraduate education at Ozyegin University. He is currently pursuing a B.Sc Degree in Computer Science. He is IT and software support engineer at Artgroup.

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