Selected current and future research

Optothermal Research and Technology Development System for Solid State Lighting
Research for Advanced Microfluidics Electronics Cooling Technologies
Harsh Environment Thermal Technologies for Automotive SSL Lighting Applications
Understanding Cooling Limits for SSL Lighting Applications
• Novel heat sinks (Light weight advanced heat sinks)
• Liquid cooling with dielectric fluids (single, two phase (boiling) immersion cooling, thin film evaporation)
• Solid state lighting (LEDs, OLEDs)
• Solid state energy/refrigeration systems (thermoelectric, thermo tunneling)
• Advanced refrigeration
• Heat pipes and thermosyphon systems
• Advanced thermal materials (heat sinks)
• Novel thermal interface materials (TIM)
• Industries (energy, defense, medical, appliances, lighting)
• Energy Efficiency  Television Technology (LED TV)




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