Research for Advanced Microfluidics Electronics Cooling Technologies

One of the biggest obstacle in the field of microelectronics is their high heat generation rates. In order to make more compact electronics devices advanced cooling technologies are needed. ARTgroup is focusing such miniaturized cooling technologies. Microfluidics as an emerging cooling technology has gained considerable attention recently due to their impressive thermal performances. ARTgroup has been investigating fundamentals of microfluidics cooling via computational modeling using commercial softwares and performing experimental studies for validation of models.111

A test set-up for the performance evaluation of those technologies is functional at ARTgroup laboratory. The system is equipped with high end equipment’s such as a laser vibrometer (nano scale deflections), IR camera (high resolution microscopic thermal maps), DC/AC power supplies, high speed data acquisition, hot wire anemometer (velocity measurements), and high speed camera (> 500.000 fps) are amongst the critical equipment’s in the system. 

Microfludics test and validation system

This project is supported by Turkish National Science Foundation for possible applications in electronics and energy systems.

Structural behavior of an ART microfluidics cooling device (Mohammed Anımatıon)

Velocity distribution of an ART microfluidics cooling device