OptoThermal Research and Technology Development System for Solid State Lighting

Lighting consumes a significant part of our energy and the future will be very bright with solid-state lighting (SSL) technologies, especially with LEDs, due to their inherit advantages. However, they are currently high cost and sensible to temperature.

ARTgroup efforts on SSL deals with optothermal technology development for LED chips, packages and system level issues with different strategies to make SSL technology practical and affordable, centering on the LED chips, packaging, thermal management, driver electronics, fixtures, and integration with the combination of optics.


This experimental system includes a high end integrated sphere (2 m diameter) for lumen, LPW, CRI, CCT, optical power, and spectral distribution, an IR camera (high resolution microscopic thermal maps with a pixel size of less than 20 μm), DC power supplies, high speed camera (>500.000 fps)  to track particle and liquid motions around the hot chip surfaces and a high speed data acquisition. There is also a state of the art photogoniometer system to track the light distribution, local lumen distribution, total lumens and light intensity of novel designs. These systems enable us to validate our computational results with experimental findings and clarify optical and thermal interactions for SSL systems.

This research is funded by European Union FP7 program as a part of CIG grant scheme.





Laboratory Visit

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Laboratory Visit

L.Scott Stephens, Ph. D., Chair of Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Kentucky and Prof. Dr. John Y. Walz, Ph.D., Dean of the College of Engineering, University of Kentucky, have visited Energy Technologies Laboratory at Ozyegin University and made some observations through laboratory equipments and received general knowledge on scientific researches from Associate Professor Dr. Mehmet Arik and Assistant Professor Guven Yapici.       PICTURES LEFT TO RIGHT: Associate Professor MEHMET ARIK, Chair of...

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