Understanding Cooling Limits for SSL Lighting Applications

The demand for high light output LED bulbs lead to significant heat generation rates, so that higher heat fluxes resulted in increased junction temperatures which degrades the LED thermal performance, reliability, light quality, lifetime and light output of SSL lighting systems. The junction temperature should be kept below a critical value in LED bulbs that makes the system level thermal management gain importance.

//LED lamp test up capacitates monitoring and analyzing the thermal performance of LED Bulbs. In our thermal validation system consisting of DC power supplies, data acquisition, high precision IR thermal camera and temperature sensors. A high performance thermal imaging camera provides a high spatial resolution allowing images with highest sensitivity and accuracy.

SSL lamp thermal qualification test system


Various LED lamps thermal distributions

Local temperatures of LED system components are measured with a high accurate data acquisition device that enables to determine the thermal resistances of each part of an LED Bulb. Experimental results are also supported by the analysis results of the attentively created computational and mathematical models to make them most accurate. These valuable results make it possible to determine the design defects and to lead to the further development. We also perform optothermal experiments simultaneously in our high end integrated sphere.


Optical measurement system at the integrated sphere

This project is supported by Istanbul development agency (ISTKA) and EU FP7 CIG program.